Monocots and Dicots

What are monocots or monocotyledons? – Definition

Species with one cotyledon are called as monocotyledonous or monocots.

What are dicots or dicotyledons? – Definition

Species with two cotyledons are called as dicotyledonous or dicots.

Examples of monocots and dicots

Monocots Dicots
Family Examples Family Examples
Amaryllis Garlic, onion Solanaceae tomatoes, potatoes, peppers
Poaceae corn, wheat, rice, Brassicacea Cauliflower, cabbage Broccoli, turnips,
Liliaceae Asparagus Fabaceae Beans, peas, soybeans, clovers,
Others Sugarcane, palms, lilies, orchids, grasses Rosaceae Others Apples, plums peaches, pears,Carrot, celery, parsley

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