Seed technology

Progress of agriculture depends on production and distribution of good quality seeds, of best yielding varieties with favorable characteristics. At the same time quality of agriculture depends on good quality seed. Seed technology takes care of this.

What is Seed technology? – Definition

In simple words, seed technology is the science dealing with the methods of improving physical and genetical characteristics of seed.

The various aspects coming under seed technology are seed production, seed processing, seed certification, seed testing, seed storage, seed biology, seed entomology, seed pathology and seed marketing.

Objectives or Goals or Aims of Seed Technology

  • Supply high quality seeds, means seeds of high yielding varieties, varieties with resistance to diseases and pests.
  • To increase agricultural production by supply of quality seed.
  • To assure rapid seed multiplication of desirable varieties.
  • Timely supply of seeds, i.e. well before the sowing season.
  • Supply of seeds at reasonable prices.

Some principles are considered during production and seed multiplication. Those are given on the page Principles of seed production.