Plant Breeding

What is Plant Breeding – Definition?

Plant breeding is an art and science which deals with changing genotypes of the plants, to adapt them to the service of human being.

Objectives or Aims of Plant Breeding

Plant breeding deals with the improvement of various characters. While implying breeding methods breeder always considers multiple characters, even in conditions where any single character is dominant. Characters are considered depending on various factors like crop, growing area etc.

  • High yields
  • Improving quality characters
  • Disease resistance
  • Insect or pest resistance
  • Broadening growing area
  • Modifying agronomic characteristics [dwarfing (height), determinate growth (branching), Tillering etc.]
  • Varieties suitable for new season
  • Changing maturity duration
  • Non-shattering characteristics
  • Uniformity in product
  • Synchronous Maturity
  • Dormancy
  • Salt Tolerance
  • Cold tolerance
  • Drought or moisture stress tolerance
  • Modification to make better use of inputs
  • Elimination of unwanted ones, like toxic substances, prickles or irritant hairs

Plant Breeding Methods or Techniques

Various breeding methods used in plant breeding are listed below. Visit respective pages for the detailed information.