Types of Chromosome

Chromosome can be categorized on the basis of following criteria.

  • Number of centromeres
  • Position of centromeres

Types of chromosome on the basis of number of Centromeres

Type Number of cetromeres
Acentric Nil
Monocentric One
Dicentric Two
Tricentric Three
Polycentric Many
Holocentric Diffused (Here, microtubules are attached along the length of chromosome)

Types of chromosome on the basis of position of centromere

Type Position of Centromere Shape Details Examples
Metacentric Centre (median) v-shaped equal arms tradescantia, amphibians
Sub-metacentric Near centre (sub-median) J or L shaped Two unequal arms human being
Acrocentric Near at one end (sub-terminal) One arm very short and another long grasshopper
Telocentric Terminal Rod like drosophila

Chromosome structure

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Chromosome material

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