What is Biotechnology? – Definition

“Biotechnology is technique that uses or exploits living organisms, or components of organisms, to manufacture or modify products, to develop microorganisms for specific beneficial uses or to improve plants or animals so that they become more useful to the human being.”

Introduction to Biotechnology or

Meaning of Biotechnology

Biotechnology = bios (life) + teuchos (tool) + logos (study of)

In simplest way, biotech is a fusion of biology and technology. It applies engineering and scientific principles for many purposes, some of which we have mentioned in the definition of biotechnology.

It is very hard to bind this biology and technology combination in one simple definition. Biotechnology meaning deserves a get brief explanation with guideline of a range of different biotech techniques. Many of such techniques could be read along with their explanation on the page Tools and Techniques of biotechnology. Introduction to biotechnology will not be complete unless we go through these techniques, as it is a simply a collection of technologies.

For more information on the topic visit to various links provided in the section. Like Branches of Biotechnology gives information about the main branches of biotech. Application of biotechnology enlists major application areas of biotech and provides brief information on many of them.