Synthetic Variety Production

Synthetic variety can be developed from well established and tested inbred lines or from S0 or S1 plants

Development or Production of Synthetic Variety from established Inbred lines

  • Inbreds are selected at the starting
  • Those are crossed with common tester (top crossing) to test combining ability
  • Seeds from the crosses are harvested separately
  • Replicated yield trials to evaluate these top crosses with check (either OPV or standard hybrid)
  • Identification of inbred lines with good general combining ability (gca) (on the basis of performance in above crosses)
  • All possible single crosses among selected inbred lines are made and seeds are harvested separately
  • Seeds from single crosses are mixed in equal quantity
  • Seed multiplication by open pollination with isolation, for one or two generation
  • Variety release

Development or Production of Synthetic Variety from plants

  • Isolation of one generation selfed lines
  • Evaluation of these lines for gca and also their testing for yield and other characteristics (in top cross trials)
  • Inter-mating of inbreds with good gca (either by single cross, top cross or poly cross)
  • Seeds harvested separately
  • Seed multiplication for distribution

Examples of Synthetic Variety

Bajara – ICMS-7703
Coconut – PCA SYN VAR 001

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