Gametophytic Self-incompatibility

What is Gametophytic Self-incompatibility (GSI)? – Definition

This type of self incompatibility is controlled by genetic constitution of gametes. Pollen grains are unable to germinate on stigma with similar allele as that of pollen.


Cross Compatibility
S1S2 X S3S4 Fully compatible
S1S2 X S1S3 Partially compatible
S1S2 X S1S2 Fully incompatible

Examples of Gametophytic Self-incompatibility

potatoes, wild tomatoes, tobacco, roses, bajara, rye, sugar beet. Family wise, in Solanaceae, Scrophulariaceae, Poaceae, Fabaceae, Campanulaceae, Onagraceae, Papaveraceae and Rosaceae

Applications of Self-incompatibility

  • In the production of hybrids
  • To increase yield in some fruit trees by providing suitable pollinators

Sporophytic self incompatibility is the second type of homomorphic incompatibility. Another must read link in the concept of compatibility is Heteromorphic self incompatibility.